Leo horoscope for november 21 2019

Paranoia may be at an all-time high, and we need to check in with ourselves about what it means to have faith. The moon clashes with the sun at PM, and we're changing direction. It's a confusing day and you're dealing with disappointment as Jupiter squares off with hazy Neptune.

You're feeling uneasy in your personal life and in your relationships—accept what is, and don't succumb to paranoia.

Daily Horoscopes: July 21, - VICE

The moon is in Gemini, encouraging you to think about your goals and career. Jupiter squares off with hazy Neptune, making a for a confusing day when it comes to making plans and communicating. Something you expected to fall into place may just fall flat, but the moon in fellow air sign Gemini reminds you that your next adventure is around the corner. The moon in Gemini encourages you to face your fears, and wow, it's the perfect day to do so as Jupiter squares off with Neptune, whipping up all sorts of paranoia and confusion in your love life, creative endeavors, and your heart in general.

Reconnect with yourself and with the reality of your situation. All will be well, even if today comes with some disappointments. Your ruling planet Jupiter squares off with hazy Neptune, finding you in a sensitive and emotional mood as you come to terms with disappointment. The moon is in your opposite sign Gemini, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart and asking you to reflect on your partnerships.

Confusing conversations—and even lies and paranoias—are dealt with as Jupiter squares off with hazy Neptune today.

Love Horoscope For Today, Saturday, September 21, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign In Astrology

The moon is in Gemini, encouraging you to get organized, but this isn't an easy day to do so! Make time for rest; save important decisions for another day. The moon in fellow air sign Gemini finds you in a flirtatious mood, but confusion concerning money and drama in your social life take place as Jupiter squares off with hazy Neptune, making for a frustrating atmosphere today. With Mars and Venus conjunct in the early stages of your sign, you may feel more hyper critical about the way things look and want to organize or clean them. People may start to compliment you on your appearance and even though your radiance can increase, you'll still likely see areas you want to improve and determine to tackle them.

With Venus entering your house of the past and hidden enemies, prepare yourself for some serious nostalgic emotions that can surprise you with moments of regret. Not that you can change anything from back when but you can use this to do more about the present and the future. With the Moon transiting Taurus, you are ready to take on some new challenges, one is to let bye-gones be bye-gones.

Don't hold on to what isn't yours to carry, and certainly don't miss out on seeing the beauty that's around you right now.


You have an opportunity to think about love on a sincerely new level. Perhaps in your home you're ready to make some changes, to beautify your nest and let others even enter your heart. Right now, love is on the radar in both a mental and emotional sense. If you've felt cold or negative about your future, things can begin to feel more optimistic, with the help of friends encouraging you to see life with a positive eye. Today's Jupiter harmonization with Mercury that involves Saturn, you are a problem solver with all the answers.

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You may have to do some research, make phone calls and get advice to learn more about a subject matter today in order for you to wrap your mind around a new idea or challenge and come up with workable solutions for all parties involves. Saturn's relationship to Mercury and Jupiter today help you to be productive and optimistic without forgetting that you accomplished something good today.

You may not always see things happen as quickly as they can this afternoon, but if changes can take place in the way you view a situation or relationship due to a conversation or heartfelt message. Uranus and the Moon conjunct today and it opens the door to thoughts related to home, health and individuals that you make decisions with. You may have an opportunity to clarify some mixed messages that you didn't know were communicated unintentionally.

The moon is in Gemini today.

You can smooth tension between yourself and others out today. Your creative expression and need for more love and grace is heard and heartfelt. Something transformative comes about from hard work and effort. You may have to strive for your luck to manifest today but you learn something of value in the process, especially if you choose to hold on to your dreams or vision of the future rather than give up.

Aria Gmitter, M. Find her on Facebook for more. For the next 30 days starting on September 23rd the future is dedicated to love.


Mercury in Libra hits a hard aspect with Saturn, the planet of structure, restriction and wise thoughts, too, you can be the type of friend who is truthful yet kind. Remove the fluff of conversation and really get down to the bones of what needs to be said and why. The Gemini Moon stimulates interest in the details. There's room for discovery, both of the self and in others.

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of good luck this weekend, too. This can enhance our love life in magical ways, even if you're single and looking. The curious nature of Gemini strives to help us all merge together our ideas of the future with some reflection of the past, relationship-wise, too.


To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what's in store for you, according to astrology. Here is your horoscope for today, Saturday, September 21, , plus a tarot card. Aries, you are going to experience a shift in your relationship. This will make for new beginnings and you will learn so much about your partner.

Taurus, you have to be careful to not jump to conclusions because you may make some hasty decisions that will cost you your relationship. You don't want that. It's better to listen to everything before you make a decision. Gemini, you are going to bring your partner hope.